Mt. Tabor church of Transfiguration of Christ.
Mt. Tabor Church of Transfiguration of Christ.

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The stories of Jesus

Day 1

Depart USA gateways airport on overnight flight to Tel Aviv – inflight dinner and breakfast served by carrier.


Day 2

Tel AvivArrival to Tel Aviv 01.35pm Bus tour to Lod, St. George, house of Simon in Joppa. In this house, St. Peter had a significant dream, which changed the course of history: including gentiles in the newly founded church. According to tradition, the resurrection of Tabitha also happened on the roof of the house. Sightseeing gorgeous strip of beach along the Mediterranean. Known locally as the “Big Orange”, Tel Aviv is a busy city that never sleeps, continue to Old Jaffa, markets and Port. Refreshment at the Pita Bakery Abu Lafia neat the Clock Tower. Drive to Nazareth. Dinner and overnight hotel Rimonim Maayan.


Day 3

Mt. Tabor church of Transfiguration ofHotel Rimonim Maayan, Nazareth -breakfast 07.30am. Nazareth the boyhood home of JESUS where HE lived and worked during nine-tenth of HIS life. We’ll visit the Basilica of the of Annunciation enclosing the remains of the house of Joachim and Ann and the site where the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary to announce that she was to become the mother of God. Cana’s wedding church where Jesus transformed water into wine. Mt. Tabor church of Transfiguration of Christ. Dinner and overnight hotel Rimonim Maayan.


Day 4

CapernaumHotel Rimonim Maayan, Nazareth -breakfast 07.30am. Capernaum, now in ruins but once a thriving town where Peter lived and where much of the public ministry of Christ took place. The church of the Primacy of Peter, where Christ confirmed Peter as Head of the Church and We ‘ll visit the Mount of Beatitudes to His disciples, proceed to Tabgha, the place of the Multiplication of Loaves and fish. Biblically, Mt. Carmel is referenced most often as a symbol of beauty and fertility. The statue at the Carmelite monastery reflects the Lord’s victory over the prophets of Baal. Shortly after fire came down from heaven and consumed the sacrifice, altar and even the water, Elijah had the prophets of Baal slaughtered at the Brook Kishon – something which should have happened long before! Dinner and overnight hotel Rimonim Maayan.


Day 5

NazarethHotel Rimonim Maayan, Nazareth -breakfast 07.30. First site is Mt. Temptation & Monastery Quruntul where Lord Jesus spent forty days and nights fasting and meditating during the temptation of Satan. Jericho is oldest continuously inhabited city in existence, after that we’ll visit Jordan River spot where Jesus was baptized by John. On the way to Jerusalem We ‘ll visit Monastery St. Hozevit and St. Gerassimos. Dinner and overnight in hotel Holy Land-Jerusalem.


Day 6

St. Theodosius monasteryHotel Holy Land, Jerusalem-breakfast 07.30am. Judea desert Mar Sabba (St. Savva monastery) and St. Theodosius monastery with Shepherds fields, and Bethlehem-nativity church, built above the cave where Jesus has been born. In Bethlehem sacred site the “Milk Grotto” over which today a small Chapel rise, is frequently visited by local women, Christians and Moslems alike, to ask for the intercession of Mary. Mother of Jesus. A legend recalls how some Mary spilt some milk while breast feeding baby Jesus, and this is the reason for the “white” stone of the cave. Afternoon Ein Karem (Arabic for the spring of vineyard) in the bible as home of St. Zachariah and his wife Elizabeth. And the birthplace of their son John the Baptist. Dinner and overnight hotel Holy Land.


Day 7

Gethsemane GardenHotel Holy Land, Jerusalem – breakfast 07.30. Mt Olives, Gethsemane Garden, the church of Tomb of the Virgin and monastery of St. Magdalene, Built in 1885 from Russian emperor Alexander III. The Rock of Agony where Jesus prayed His last prayer before His arrest. The Cave of betrayal. We ‘ll visit town of Bethany, tomb-cave of Lazarus who was resurrected from dead after 4 days by Lord. Afternoon Mt. Zion Hill and Cenacle, Upper Room of Last Supper and grave of King of David, with panoramic Old City. Dinner and overnight hotel Holy Land, Jerusalem.


Day 8

Church of the Holy SepulcherHotel Holy Land, Jerusalem – breakfast 08.00. walking tour around Old City with the place of execution and Church of the Holy Sepulcher (three major denominations, Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox and Roman Catholic control the lion’s share of the site with smaller Christian communities including Coptic Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Syrian Orthodox groups. Hotel Holy Land close to Via Dolorosa (focal point for many Christian pilgrimages). Dinner and overnight hotel Holy Land-Jerusalem.


Day 9

Check–in airport Tel Aviv 05.30am – flight to New York

Tour information:

9 days air + land, escorted tour, English speaking a professional tour guide
Guaranteed departure over 15 passengers
Hotel & taxes, entrance fees, transfers, all sightseeing, breakfast and dinner are included
Coach bus with A/C
Twin-bedded rooms in hotel listed

Departures: September 07, 21, October 05, 19, November 02, 16, 2018